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Perfect Practice Makes Perfect πŸ”—β€” Writing lessons from my baseball coach
DEVO & Deconstructing Covers πŸ”— β€” On making the weirdest cover ever
Catch the fish or chase the whale? πŸ”— β€” Feed yourself on epic hunts (re: writing)
Burn Down the Stage β€” How American Idol influenced social media
Mark Manson πŸ”— β€” The subtle art of cursing
DFW: Consider the Lobster πŸ”— β€” Opening an essay with stacked lists
Non-fiction writers should binge fiction β€” Read for style, not ideas
Brian Doyle πŸ”— β€” Alternate between simple and complex sentences
David Sedaris πŸ”— β€” 7 specific types of humor
Seinfeld πŸ”— β€” Layered story arcs
Vonnegut, Vonnegut, Vonnegut! πŸ”— β€” A visual deep dive on repetition
Frank Lloyd Wright: Beyond Architecture πŸ”— β€” Writing lessons from an architect
Hunter S. Thompson πŸ”— β€” Reconstructing his famous list sentence from FLLV
Untangling the Myth of Kerouac πŸ”— β€” A lesson on the distortions of fame

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Lucy in the Sky of Large Language Models β€” Infinite music breeds Beatle-heads
Prepping for the Editor G*ds β€” 3 things to do for the weird future of AI writing
The First Online Writer β€” Lessons from Justin Hall on oversharing
logloglog #6 β€” A 17 unit-tour, Zillow in VR, the future of the Internet
logloglog #5 β€” The first online writer / 6 lessons from 21 months of logging
logloglog #4 β€” Margin Muse, One Thing per day, Baby Logs
logloglog #3 β€” Waterfalls, Synesthesia, Union Square Travel Agency
logloglog #2 β€” More TikTok, GPT-Philosophy, Fuzzy Maps, Cyclical History
logloglog #1 β€” Oppenheimer, TikTok, Baseball
Burn Down the Stage β€” How American Idol influenced social media
The Mucha Method β€” Lessons from a Slavic painter on commerce vs. art
Teleportation, $97/month, Coming Soon β€” The use case of Apple’s Vision Pro
Greenwood Lake β€” Auto-fiction from a weekend upstate
Dharma Vision β€” The side effects of recording your memories though Ray Bans
Saturation β€” How to reinforce themes throughout your essay
Resurrections On-Demand β€” LSD in Ancient Greece, the roots of Christian ritual
Flash Feedback β€” How to get feedback like a comedian
Margin Matchmaker β€” Use AI to automate your research, not your prose
Deconstructed β€” What goes into making an essay?
The 1,000 Day Molt β€” Why you should make decisions like an insect
Substack or Bust β€” Why I moved my personal website onto Substack


Four Stages of Competence πŸ”— β€” From conscious to unconscious incompetence
How to can writers practice without writing essays? πŸ”— β€” A list of methods to try
Typewriter Essays β€” 3 short essays written on a 1956 typewriter
Joan Didion White Album πŸ”— β€” Deconstructing her first page
How Can Writers Protect Themselves from AI πŸ”— β€” POP writing as the antidote
On titling your paragraphs πŸ”— β€” The first step in reverse outlining
Outline after you write πŸ”— β€” A tweet about reverse outlining
Writing materializes the thought loops in your head πŸ”— β€” Just a tweet
What’s In a Kerouac Sentence? β€” Analyzing prose-poetry
Is Mini Golf Better in VR? β€” What is VR’s killer app?
The Beatles Guide to Writing πŸ”— β€” Songwriting lessons applied to writers
Wallacisms: The Art of Memorable Observations β€” Patterns from DFW
DFW Thread πŸ”— β€” Thread on different kinds of observations
Newsletter Junkyard β€” A plea to be unpredictable in your newsletter
Feedback Gym Lessons πŸ”— β€” Lessons from Write of Passage Cohort 8
Jaywalking β€” Attempted to write everything I saw in a NYC walk
Diehard Audiences β€” Coldplay vs. Radiohead
Introducing logloglog β€” Lessons learned from writing down all my thoughts
David Whyte imitation πŸ”— β€” A (meh) attempt after reading Consolations
HTS Imitation analysis πŸ”— β€” What went into the Hunter S. Thompson impression
Hunter S. Thompson Impression β€” Thought on New Years resolutions
30 Imitations in 30 Days πŸ”— β€” My failed Ship30 experiment


Wilbur Doyle and the Walking Distance Mysteries β€” Auto-fiction re: my neighbor
Writing as Life Extension β€” On using AI to recreate you through your prose
The MARS House β€” NFT gimmicks that claim to be β€œvirtual real estate”
Run-Ons & Spotlights β€” Analyzing epic Virginia Woolf sentences
The Center of Mount Shasta β€” Understanding the value of writing fiction
Late for the Airport β€” The beginning of an aborted novel
Building a Second Brain πŸ”— β€” A visual overview of Tiago Forte’s course in Miro
Beeple’s Mosaic β€” What happens if you make something everyday for 13 years?
The Raccoon Coders of Neos β€” True stories from an underground VR society
The Replication Machine β€” Comparing NFTs to the KaZaa and Limewire
Hunter’s Breakfast Myth β€” Analyzing the patterns of HTS
Sleeping on MS-Dos β€” The next great XR innovations will be in software and UI
The Gaga NFT Dress β€” NFTs will gain value when the β€œspatial internet” scales
Surreal News in January 2021 β€” Just a joke post to render the weird times
Architect of the Metaverse β€” Connecting my architectural past to the future
Write for Your Grandkids β€” Consider the long-game when writing
COVID is a Psychedelic β€” Some unfinished musings on the Strauss-Howe theory


Las Vegas & the Metaverse β€” Social XR captures the chaos of Vegas
Crashing Facebook Connect β€” True story of going into a VR live stream
AI Art πŸ”— β€” My early attempts with generative AI
Hierarchies vs. Networks πŸ”— β€” Notion vs. Roam
Intro Structures πŸ”— β€” On oscillating between confusion and epiphany
Fish vs. Whale πŸ”— β€” My one-sheet from Write of Passage cohort 5
Crossfit for Writing Visualized πŸ”— β€” A diagram of the workshop format
Atomic Paragraphs πŸ”— β€” 100-word arcs of tension
Studio Culture β€” The similarities between architecture school & Write of Passage
Why I signed up for Write of Passage πŸ”— β€” First ever Twitter thread