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Dean’s List aims to re-wire your thinking at the scale of words and worlds. My posts are grouped into 5 different sections:

  • Craft — on improving your writing

  • Creators — on self-publishing original work

  • Culture — on the oddities of our time and situation

  • Stories — adventures from the first person point of view

  • Updates — casual updates

You’ll also find a public log of my daily thoughts, and a list of links to essays that I’ve like recently.

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Who is Michael Dean?

Welcome! I’m an architect turned writing, and now the Editor-in-Chief at Write of Passage. It’s an online school that thinks progressively about education design, writing in the 21st century, and how to harness the Internet (the greatest matchmaker in history). I’ve help structure and edit The Ultimate Guide to Writing Online with David Perell, along with many alumni essays on our site. Currently working on our curriculum, the Editor program, and our media company.

You can follow me on Twitter for thoughts on writing and editing. Some writing threads:

I’m a deep nerd of the craft, and obsess over things like analog typewriters, author impressions, and creating visuals to analyze essay form. I’m not only a meta-junkie though. You’ll find me writing about psychology, architecture, technology, and religion.

Blitz biography

A quick hit on where I’ve been.

2022. Editor-in-Chief at Write of Passage
2021. Focused on online writing and launched The Writing Studio
2020. Setup 60 architects with VR-based remote design reviews
2019. Wrote original songs and performed with a band in NYC
2018. VR Specialist at an international architecture firm
2017. Astoria
2016. Introduced 2,000 people to their first 6 DOF VR experience
2015. Learned Unreal Engine, founded a VR consulting company
2014. Visual notation for songwriting
2013. Architecture thesis: facilities for psychedelic therapy
2012. Designed and built a recycling center in Costa Rica


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Michael Dean

Editor in Chief at Write of Passage