A centralized blogging platform has evolved into the 'trifecta for online writers.' What are the consequences of not joining?

October 2022

A collection of one-page essays I wrote out on my typewriter.

July 2022

Simple sentences are great. But once in a while, a meandering river in the middle of your essay can really ring the soul.
For $16, my wife and I got access to two rubber golf clubs, neon balls, and a sequence of 18 amoebic, turfed-up, basically flat holes along the side of…

May 2022

"Big Red Son," is an outrageous David Foster Wallace essay about a 1998 adult film conference. By dissecting it, we'll learn some (non-vulgar) tricks to…
We're in a newsletter arms-race. What happens when everyone has one and they all sound the same? Overwhelm, skimming, and email fatigue. What makes a…

April 2022

I went into the city on Saturday to meet up with Isabel in person for the first time. On a walk from Penn Station to Bryant Park, I decided to write…

March 2022

This was written during a live 2-hour writing workshop. I’m still working on it, and need to do some fact-checking and polishing. If you have comments…

February 2022

Back in December, I started a public interstitial journal. A few times a day, maybe every hour or so, I'd write down what I was thinking. I was…

January 2022


December 2021

Here's a short-story based on my whacky, real-life neighbor Wilbur Doyle. We often ignore the strange realities that are just next door.

September 2021

Our ideas around life-extension are dated: The brain in a vat. Cryogenically frozen billionaires. Uploading our brain via USB-C to a Ray Kurzweil…