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Brilliant essay, thank you for writing this! It gave me a cloudy glimpse into a possible future. I, too, think it's quite likely that we're in teleportation-y territory because I've played some VR games and when the graphics are somewhat realistic, one really forgets that what they're seeing and feeling is not based on a real environment.

I remember trembling in fear as I "stood" in a lift with a glass floor that went up 100 stories in Manhattan. It shocked me how stupid I was to believe it, and even when I actively told myself this isn't real, my brain couldn't hack away the thought that I'm one step from free-falling to my death.

I probably wouldn't buy the v1 of the Apple Vision Pro but I'll be paying close attention. The moment it has decent network effects, I'll invest in one and toy around with (and maybe build) crazy future applications for it

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Great post. I've also had the experience Zooming in to a party and being handed around. The biggest drawback is not being locked to one view angle, and now being able to look around. I love the vision you've described for a 1:1 interaction, but I feel that to "teleport" into a dynamic, multi-person, social environment, like a party, a better solution would be a 360 camera. This would allow me to look around, but prevents movement, unless of course the camera is mounted on wheels ala https://www.doublerobotics.com

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Why'd your brother move to Siberia?


I've been thinking about how it'd feel to experience a dead person's voice reconstructed in real time. What would happen if I take my the voicemails my grandma left me and used that to have a "live" (no pun intended) conversation? It could be very simple, like the last conversations we had together. "How are you?" "How's the weather?" Would hearing her respond make me cry? Would a part of me fall into this nostalgic trap? Taking it one step further, what if I could also see her for $97/month? Would I subscribe?

I find this fascinating because I can only rely on the limited, previous experiences I've had in this domain to guide me. I had a hard time when my boyfriend suddenly left town 5 years ago. It brought up some PTSD I wasn't aware of. It sounds unbelievable to me now, but I hallucinated his voice telling me that he still loves me, that everything's okay. We broke up 3 weeks later and that confirmed to me there was no spiritual connection etc. between us. It was my mind trying to console itself.

Can AI & VR help me believe my dead grandma's present love?

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There was a time when communication was tied to transportation: telegraph breaking it open

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