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The art of essay writing

I dissect the creative process so you can transform your first draft into your best writing. Last year I gave feedback on over 500 essays through Write of Passage. I create diagrams overlaid on your essay to help you see patterns in your structure and voice. In a quantity-obsessed culture, quality writing is a superpower.


Tools and systems for writers

I help you think differently about the tools and systems of an online writer. While it’s easier to copy something that works, it often doesn’t suit your needs. I unpack some of my unconventional approaches around note-taking, journaling, publishing, and feedback. Stretch the medium. It’s often the thing you get remembered for.


Why write online?

I cover the opportunities and challenges around publishing original work on the Internet. The fast-track path to growth involves doubling-down on a single niche. It works, but it distorts the process of self-expression. I think you can have both– an audience that gives you wiggle-room. My core values around writing are exploration, playfulness, transparency, risk, and legacy.


Dissecting famous writers

Chameleon mode: activate. I study my favorite writers, deconstruct them, and write impressions of them, so you can better understand the science of voice. I challenge the notion that each person has a fixed voice that comes from within. Voices are like masks. Through embodying characters, you'll see which sides of them align with yourself. Imitate, and see what resonates.


Auto-biographical short-stories

These short-stories give you entertaining and lucid glimpses into my life. This style of “autobiographical fiction” is inspired by Jack Kerouac, Kurt Vonnegut, Fernando Pessoa, and others. They render their experiences and their consciousness onto the page– becoming immortal through their prose.


The future of virtual reality

Read on to learn about the future of VR and AR. I started a virtual reality company in 2015, and have a solid sense of where this technology is going. While the rise of the Metaverse might take a lot longer than you think, its impact could go beyond our imagination. My writing ranges from McLuhan-style rants to Hunter S. Thompson trapped inside of a Nintendo 64.


Smorgasbord of ideas

Enter at your own risk. This section is for all the weird essays that don’t fit anywhere else. If you’re curious, open-minded, and have tolerance for bat-shit crazy ideas, this might be the place for you. Expect a smorgasbord of topics, spanning, but not limited to: crypto, psychedelics, AI, advertising, art, religion, extraterrestrial life, politics, and conspiracy theories.