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I cover the opportunities and challenges around publishing original work on the Internet. The fast-track path to growth involves doubling-down on a single niche. It works, but it distorts the process of self-expression. I think you can have both– an audience that gives you wiggle-room. My core values around writing are exploration, playfulness, transparency, risk, and legacy.

🤘Diehard Audiences

This was written during a live 2-hour writing workshop. I’m still working on it, and need to do some fact-checking and polishing. If you have comments, ideas, or reactions, feel free to jump into this Google Doc:

🦎 Chameleon

Here's an excerpt from a long-form essay I'm writing on identity & social media. I don't have an intro yet, so I'm dropping you straight into section 1 (nine in total). Under "Related Writings" above, you'll find some other writings around similar ideas.

👻 Boo & the Writing Demons

I've been writing online for around a year now. There are all sorts of tips and tactics I've acquired, but none of them matter if you don't muster up the courage to face some root-level fears. Don't let some un-wrestled demons sabotage your dreams. I almost did. Writer's block, imposter

🎈 Writing as Life Extension

Our ideas around life-extension are dated: The brain in a vat. Cryogenically frozen billionaires. Uploading our brain via USB-C to a Ray Kurzweil server. Nano-bugs that live in our veins to regenerate organs as we age. All these methods are concerned with preserving consciousness itself. It frames perception as a

🔺 Maslow's Hierarchy for Writers

"Why Write Online?" It's an important question, and we might be thinking about it wrong. I used to think it was open to interpretation. To each their own. Lately, I've realized my answer mysteriously evolves the more I write. The importance of "finding your why" can't be understated, and unfortunately,

🎗 My Dad's 9/11 Field Notes

I was surprised to find some 9/11-related emails in my Inbox this morning from my Dad. As a life-time New Yorker, they literally hit home. Weirdly enough, they also re-enforced the answer to a question I've been reflecting on: what is the core purpose of writing? There's a whole

🎭 Integrated Identity

Here's a reply I wrote to the question: Should I create different websites to cover the different things I'm interested?I've made this mistake several times (separate sites, newsletters, and identities). I advocate for starting out with one site, and only forking later on if it's necessary. I over-estimated the

፨ The Social Graph

Social media has no shortage of scapegoats: The business model, the fame junkies, the addiction fueled habit loops, the human traits of greed and narcissism, Elon Musk. After debating a friend, he landed on the sentiment that "social media is inherently screwed." I have a more hopeful outlook, I just

⏳ Beeple's Mosaic

Beeple’s “Everydays” NFT sold for $69 million. The fact that it’s an NFT is the least exciting part about it. This essay is about Beeple’s process. Your craft dramatically evolves when you commit to a daily process. Time is your muse.

🕰 Write for Your Grandkids

Why write online? There are dozens of reasons, and they’ll each compete to guide your actions. What if you wrote for just one person, and they don’t even exist yet? This one gets into legacy and time capsules.

📐 Studio Culture

Architecture school was a 5-year military-grade boot camp for designers. Why does studio culture motivate students so intensely? We’ll look into the power of autonomy, feedback, and friendship.