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Read on to learn about the future of VR and AR. I started a virtual reality company in 2015, and have a solid sense of where this technology is going. While the rise of the Metaverse might take a lot longer than you think, its impact could go beyond our imagination. My writing ranges from McLuhan-style rants to Hunter S. Thompson trapped inside of a Nintendo 64.

⛳️ Is Mini Golf better in VR?

For $16, my wife and I got access to two rubber golf clubs, neon balls, and a sequence of 18 amoebic, turfed-up, basically flat holes along the side of Big Finger Boulevard. The stakes were high: loser buys lunch. I kept score with one of those miniature red pencils that

🚀 The MARS House

Back in the bull-run of March '21, a virtual house was sold on the Ethereum network. The clickbait buzzed out of control: "now you can live in the blockchain!?" The MARS House is an Unreal Engine scene. It contains a Philip Johnson inspired dream house, equipped with four glass walls,

🦝 The Raccoon Coders of Neos

RUMORS I'd been hearing rumors of a small society of people who LIVE inside of a VR application. Maybe a hundred people or so - clocking 10+ hours a day? It was serious. I finally made the decision to dip my toes into Neos to see what it's about. My

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The 1990s were the last days of the Golden days of art. Musicians, filmmakers, painters, writers - they each had an unspoken understanding of the rule: Whoever owns the thing, experiences the thing. CDs, VHS, canvas, or scroll - you could put the thing in your backpack. In the days

🥽 Duke Surfs the Metaverse

Multiplayer virtual reality is still a "many years away" from the Spielbergian wet dream you might have seen in Ready Player One. Right now, the graphics sometimes resemble Nintendo 64, the interfaces can be confusing, and you might glitch out if you turn down the wrong alley. But it is

⌨️ Sleeping on MS-DOS

The virtual reality space is obsessed with physical specs. But if we look at the history of the PC, Microsoft gained dominance by building MS-DOS, the best operating system at the time. Who is building a VR-OS right now?

👗 The Gaga NFT Dress

Most of the NFT schemes in 2021 have shaky claims of value. The Metaverse will be a game changer for this space. When social VR events become popular, 3D NFTs will be scarce, non-cloneable, and valuable.

🛠 Architect of the Metaverse

The next Internet will be spatial, and architects have a role to play. Right now, VR is a popular tool to visualize construction projects. But the rise of the Metaverse will bring the rise of digital buildings, cloud cities, and a generation of 3D modelers.

🗼 Las Vegas & the Metaverse

Your experience in a ‘VR metropolis’ will be very different from a physical city. When you factor in teleportation and 3D modeling, the surreal vibe will be most similar to modern-day Vegas.

📖 Simulation Fiction

Fiction about the implications of VR is way older than we think. Since 1909, we’ve been crafting stories about technology-induced transrealism, and the effects on consciousness and society.

🃏 Crashing Facebook Connect

I joined Facebook's annual VR conference through my Oculus Quest. This one is a cynical, bizarre, and lucid adventure into the strange future that large tech companies are rushing to shape.