A collection of one-page essays I wrote out on my typewriter.

July 2022

Simple sentences are great. But once in a while, a meandering river in the middle of your essay can really ring the soul.

May 2022

"Big Red Son," is an outrageous David Foster Wallace essay about a 1998 adult film conference. By dissecting it, we'll learn some (non-vulgar) tricks to…

January 2022


July 2021

Virginia Woolf knocked out sentences that could stand alone as their own atomic essays. Upwards of 200 words, the sights, and sounds, and things she…
It's been a long time since I've read fiction and poetry. It's showing me dimensions of writing that I missed during my non-fiction binge. It's where my…

April 2021

Last weekend my wife and I found ourselves staying at a bed and breakfast on Greenwood Lake. When she told me she loved breakfast, I told her "no, THIS…