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🕊 1k Twitter Followers 'Celebration' Rant

New tradition. Every time I hit a Twitter milestone, I'll take out the typewriter and rage-write about social media. If my Tweets are short and valuable, these are long and delirious. It's an exercise in rhyming, phrase variation, and free-association.

Michael Dean
Michael Dean



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💮 Automatic Intelligence

AI is the machine version of 'automatic writing.' Poets, musicians, and occultists have tapped into this for centuries. Instead of using AI tools with poor UIs, writers should learn to tap into the subconscious.

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⌨️ The Green Machine: Why I Got a Typewriter

Given the sheer volume of left-brained editing I do, I figured I'd go through Cohort 9 with a 1956 typewriter. This thing is an 'anti-editing machine.'